Monday, March 23, 2009

Part One-Clean Office

Over the next 6 months, yes I did say 6 months. I am doing a clean, stash and trash of my house. If you haven't used it within 3 years-get rid of it!!! Over the past week and a half I have cleaned my office and design area where I make my jewelry, pay bills and store craft items for my children.

The top picture is where I design, the middle picture is where I hang designs that I'm working on or finished, and the lower picture is my new computer and scales where I weigh packages. I also have a picture of my family between the computer and scales.

On a different topic, please remember my mother in law in prayer. She is very sick and continues to be in a nursing home declining in health. She has dementia and is on dialysis for her kidneys. Really, she has so many health issues that I cannot list them all. Last week she was in the hospital and she has voiced many times that she is scared of dying. She has said that she is a Christian. She has struggled with major depression all her life and this has been so defeating to her walk with Christ. Now at the end she is afraid. I pray that God will give her the strength to face death with victory instead of fear. Thank you!

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