Thursday, December 4, 2008

15th Wedding Anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. It was a delightful overcast day with some drizzle, just like the day we were married. I'll be on the lookout tonight for snow, it snowed on our wedding night. We went to a friends house about an hour away and she watched our 5 children along with her 3, while we went out for the day. What a very sweet friend to do this for us. Our day started off with a trip to a small local restaurant that serves Spanish style cuisine. The sausage was delicious and the dessert was some type of egg custard with Amaretto sauce. Ummm.
We then went to a local used book store that benefits the local library and walked out with 12 books for $26...what a bargain. To end the day, we drove to a local winery that we had never visited, Chateau Laurinda, which specializes in making German styled wine and fruit wine from the local fruit farmers. My favorite wine had to be the Strawberry and Raspberry. These where not the artificial colored and flavored stuff you find in the stores but wines made from fruit without any additives. We ended up buying tasting glasses for souvenirs and several bottles of wine. I feel sorry for our wineries here in Virginia. To be able to sell to local restaurants they need a distributors license which cost around $5,000. Or they can go through a distributor and not be able to compete with the big wineries who can sell their wine at half the price. These small wineries cannot afford this type of tax, so therefore they have to try to advertise with their own organizations. I hope they will get this law changed soon. North Carolinia has a lot of small wineries and I believe it is because they do not have this pay it to the piper kind of law.
Well enough of my raving for the day. I think I will post a picture of one of my favorite necklaces that I made. It is a button of a thistle. I am a reformed presbyterian, scottland,thistle...need I say more. Have a beautiful and blessed week.

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