Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess

I have been so busy, sorry about the delay in posting. I thought I would post today because it is my daughter's birthday. Her name is Lillian and she is 3. Her name means Lily and this morning we noticed that it is the first day the poppies have opened. What a delightful birthday gift. Yesterday we worked in the flower beds and side yard. We have an American bulldog and the side yard is the only place we can have any flowers because it is fenced off from the dog. I have included many pictures of our side yard. It is my morning haven in the summer. I go out in the morning to drink my coffee, read my bible, and listen to the birds sing. I'm so thankful to have this space.

Dogwood tree in our side yard! Wiegela shrub in our side yard.

A view from our den window in the morning sun

Chives in our side yard-I need to top them!

My reading space, the chair was moved last night because we roasted marshmellows in the fire pit. I would like to grill some hotdogs to night but I think it is going to rain. The fire is nice on a chilly night. I hope to plant some morning glory flowers in the bird cage, they have always done well in it.

This year we are trying to grow a container garden. The radishes and lettuce are already coming up. I also planted kohlrabi, tomatoes, and peppers, I'm looking forward to seeing them sprout and hopefully grow.

The first poppy to bloom! We got these from a dear uncle who passed away six years ago. Every year they bloom I am reminded of him. I love to get flowers from loved ones and then plant them in my garden. I call it my memory garden.

Our BIG dog and the little fence that keeps her out. She could easily knock it down, but she doesn't know that:)

Well this is the end of my post. I have to go and make a birthday cake!

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