Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There's A Waundry in My Laundry

Did you ever have the feeling there's a WAUNDRY IN YOUR LAUNDRY or a SLOUSE IN YOUR BLOUSE...or DIRT IN YOUR SHIRT???
By the time the Waundry gets done with our laundry there's dirt in it all and we are left with the quandary is it clean or dirty?
Sometimes I feel quite aware that there's a hock in my sock and a zwear in my underwear.
Some of them are friendly like the zeans in my jeans or the cose in my hose. But that nweater in my sweater and the stress in my dress I could do without.
I do care about it and hope you don't believe me. Because that's the kind of laundry I have and hope to one day conquer it.

Any tips? Our washing machine and dryer are upstairs and we homeschool downstairs most of the day. The one pile actually has my son hidden in the clothes. I put the clothes in a basket when they come out, then the baskets get full and the laundry goes in the floor in front of the dryer. We then make a feeble attempt to put some of it away and have to scatter it all over the hallway to sort it out. However, at this point we start to loose the battle and the laundry stays scattered or gets scooted over to one side of the hallway only to be spread out again when someone needs something that is not in their drawer. It doen't help that I find laundry to be the most boring of all housekeeping chores. My daughter does all of her laundry herself and the pile you see folded was done by my son-thank you. Doesn't he look tired? The amazing part is there are 7 of us, 2 socks per day-1 pair of pants,1-shirt, and 1 pair of underwear, not to mention a toddler who sometimes is changed up to 3 times a day for messing out her pants or spilling something on her shirt. This equals up to 245 items of laundry per week-no wonder it has taken on a life of it's own. btw, this pile is relativly small it has been twice this size.

Hope you enjoyed the post it is based upon the Dr. Seuss book, There's a Wocket in my Pocket.

God bless!


Fox said...

Ahahahahaha mom used to read stuff like that to us. You should ask her to do the "I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor" poem/song, it hilarious.

Timeless Trinkets said...

Thanks for replying, I almost have that waundry by the tail.