Saturday, August 1, 2009

The History Behind The Button

The Song of Roland (French: La Chanson de Roland) is the oldest surviving major work of French literature. It exists in various different manuscript versions, which testify to its enormous and enduring popularity in the 12th to 14th centuries-Wiki In this poem the angel Gabriel comes to Charlemagne in a dream.
The main focal for this necklace is a picture button based upon this literary work.Picture buttons where at the height of fashion during the 1870's. They continued to be a main fashion statement until around 1915. Picture buttons portrayed images of the culture; birds,flowers,commemorative events,plays,operas,and in general the culture.This necklace features a vintage picture button from the late 1800's. I have mounted the button on a very nice brass filigree with complementary flowers. The button is brass in color with a picture of Charlemagne and the Warning Angel. Along the chain I have added Czech glass beads nestled in filigree caps.

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