Monday, August 3, 2009

Ivy, My favorite theme on buttons.

Picture buttons where at the height of fashion during the 1870's. They continued to be a main fashion statement until around 1915. Picture buttons portrayed images of the culture; birds,flowers,commemorative events,plays,operas,and in general the culture. They are a history lesson in a button. This necklace features a vintage picture button from the late 1800's. I have mounted the button on a very nice antique brass filigree with complementary flowers. The button features a flower as it's focal. The pendant measures 1 1/8" across and the antique brass chain measures 18".

This necklace features a vintage watch face mounted on a antique brass setting. The pendant measures 3/4" across and the chain is 18" long.

I really enjoy making jewelry with vintage components. The buttons and watch faces are my favorites.

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Autumn said...

Those are both very pretty! With some history along with them.

Love you,