Friday, July 31, 2009

Some Jewelry I Renewed Yesterday

Since I was gone yesterday I didn't have any time to list new jewelry items so I renewed a couple of my favorites. This brass necklace features two love birds and a skeleton key.

This box garden is but a shadow of time. I like to use every possible piece of watch parts that I come across, this necklace being no exception. Inside the shell of a vintage ladies wristwatch you will find a blue flower, it shows up just a bit bighter than what it is, I couldn't get the camera to take the picture true to color. It's a lighter blue.

Below dangle faceted Czech glass beads in shade of metallic they remind me of the rich soil beneath and the life of the garden. Above you will find a sparrow visiting the garden.

Pastiche- As the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, a pastiche in this sense is "a medley of various ingredients; a hotchpotch, farrago, jumble."

This bracelet is comprised of a medley of vintage items. One is a brass tag from where I don't know, I tried researching the abbreviations without much success. The next item is an antique steel cut button. Cut steel is polished steel faceted studs riveted to a steel backing and where featured in fashion jewelry, ornaments, buttons and chatelaines. Popular from the Georgian through the Victorian eras, cut steel jewelry in the warm glow of candlelight must have been something to behold. Each stud could have up to 15 facets, and in general the finer and older the piece the more facets the studs will have. Made in both England and Europe, this style of jewelry fell out of favor by the turn of the 19th century. This little button does have some rust, one of the many problems with finding these buttons still intact is that they do rust. I have brushed cleaned the button with a little bit of steel wool to rub some of the rust off, I left a little bit for patina(I like it to look old). I have also added a freshwater pearl to the brass tag. To the multi strand brass bracelet I have hand wrapped gray freshwater pearls.

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