Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Green Beans!!!

Well, I've had fun this week. I went to my Dad and Moms to help harvest their green beans. I can't tell you how long the row was it seemed to go on forever. I picked all morning, I picked all afternoon, and I snapped until the wee hours of the night. My shoulders hurt today but my fingers are not sore. What a wonderful blessing to have 108 quarts of green beans. I'm going to get 52 quarts of these green beans. I can't take credit for picking all the beans my 3 children did help and one tried to help-his attention span was a little lacking. Lillian the youngest really enjoyed shelling the peas(we picked a small amount of those as well). I'm not much for the canning process and my Mom doesn't like picking the beans so we were a perfect pair to rival Jack Sprat could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean so together they licked the platter clean. I suppose the next thing we will be picking is the corn and then the October beans, but that hopefully will be awhile.

This past month has really had it's ups and downs. A down-My husband's Aunt and Mother died within a week of each other. An up-They were both Christians and are far better off now than when they lived here in this sinful world. An up-I had a need in an area that was meet with perfect timing. God is so good to us! He knows what we need just when we need it. So many times I jump the gun and just start panicking instead of trusting in him to supply all my needs. I need a more quiet and calm spirit.

Well I would stay and post longer however I need to fix supper(dinner).

God Bless!

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