Saturday, January 3, 2009

Star Gazing

What a day it has been!!! We drove around last night in the dark to find the perfect spot at which to view the meteor shower this morning. We drove all the way to the top of a local mountain into the clouds. It was kind of eery, being able to only see 20 feet in front of you. At the top there was some snow and a driveway where we could turn around to go back down the mountain. I was hoping to get above the cloud bank, but our mountain wasn't that high. We finally drove northeast in our county to a church that is located in a big open space-perfect spot. Then home we came....only to arise again at 4:00. We passed one other person who was standing outside their car gazing at the heavens(felt good to know we weren't the only strange ones out at such odd hours).It was slow at first and then on toward 5:30 things started to happen. It wasn't as showy as some that I've seen but it was worth getting up to go see. I would estimate that we saw 1-2 meterorites every 3 minutes during the peak. It was such a blessing to have a clear sky, our prayers were answered. As we drove back into town we again drove into the cloud bank. It was cloudy in town until around 1:00 p.m.

My domestic diva took a turn for the worse today as I have been very tired from getting up so early. I also had to mail a load of parcels and go by my husband 's office to unload a good amount of stuff. All in all I did well to wash a load of dishes, make Harmony soup for lunch, change a toddler about 4 times, and start to clean up my office(which made lots of people happy). I still need to put in a roast for church lunch, lay out clothes for Sunday, get baths for two children, wash dishes, and straighten up the kitchen. Did I mention I stilllllll need to put away Christmas decorations...that will come next week.

I think I will end with posting a picture and description of a necklace that I recently sold. It was one of my favorites. Sometimes I hate to let my pieces go and I do miss them, but I am glad that I have made another person happy and they are enjoying the talent that God has given me.

This necklace was a delight to make. I could just smell the cherry blossoms, despite it being winter. I couldn't believe how well the button fit into the vintage watch case. The watch case inside is marked 14K. The button is back marked AP and Cie, a Paris company. Albert Parent and Company of Paris, the manufacturer of some of the most elegant buttons ever made. I have added to this piece lots of vintage goodness. The silver dimpled balls came off of a broken metal wired necklace. Brass flower,leaf and butterfly charms add to the spring theme of the necklace.

This is a very collectible button, especially since the shank has been left in place.

Thanks for stopping in to read my ramblings.

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