Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Snowing, it's snowing!!!

Well I don't have much to say except it's snowing and a picture is worth a thousand words. After finishing a day of school we went to the local college to sled. We met the nicest couple who had moved here six months ago from Florida. They live about an hour away and had not a drop of snow, so they decided to go snow hunting and ended up in our neck of the woods. She is a Christian and an artist, her web site is Susan Oller Gallery, very beautiful paintings. We were out in the snow for about two hours. Everyone had lots of fun, including myself. I went down the hill at least 8-10 times, mostly with LilyB.
God Bless,
Timeless Trinkets


Rose said...

Yaaay! It's snowed here some too. :)

In Christ,

Fox said...

Yeppers snow here too...melted pretty fast though.