Friday, December 26, 2008

A Thankful Christmas

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree, excuse the patch work on the wall. We live in an older home and had some work done to the walls and painting is not our priority. One day the plaster repair will be dark green like the rest of the walls. Today I finally broke down and went to Kmart to buy an artificial tree. We have always had a live tree, but this year after putting up the tree my husband and daughter started sneezing and having watery eyes. Not only that but the daily cleanup and watering is beyond my housekeeping abilities. I was very thankful to find a beautiful artificial tree . It looks real, has lights, and was 1/2 price. What could be better? I also was able to purchase some candles, wrapping paper, and cards as well. Next year I will be ready!!

I pray that everyone had a pleasant Christmas filled with joyful hearts. Our Christmas was very blessed with family and friends. On Christmas Eve, my husband read from the Scriptures about the true meaning of Christmas. He mostly read from Genesis, then Isaiah, and finished with the Gospels. We then prayed, opened our gifts, and had an evening meal. On Christmas day we attended our Church, had Bible readings as well as sang hymns. It is always so fun to look forward to Christmas Day and know that we will get to go to church and fellowship with our friends. We then went to pick up my husband's mother who lives in an assisted living home and take her to my parents home to celebrate with an afternoon meal and gift giving. It was a long and busy day, but a very happy day.

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Fox said...

That picture is REALLY cute! She actually played with my on Christmas. *does a happy dance* Fake Christmas trees! Yay! Were going to get one next year, the hustle of getting a tree and decorating it with lights every year is kinda getting old.